Quick Knot

HES-Tec Innovative Equine Products comes together with Keldevelopment BV with a well thought-out and PATENTED auxiliary clip: Quick Knot ®.

This clip has many advantages for people and horses:

  • Time saving: the knotting has never been so fast and easy
  • Suitable for young and old, both experienced and inexperienced lovers
  • Professional result
  • Suitable for all branches of the equestrian sport
  • Benefit on personnel costs for commercial stables

Quick Knot was Horses Product of the Year in 2017. It is available through the better equestrian shops. 

How to insert Quick Knot?

  1. Make a braid.


2. Roll up the braid into a bun.

3. Insert the Quick Knot, from the back through it.

4. The middle leg comes out at the front.

5. Bend this leg and the knot is ready.

6. Bend the leg straight again and pull out the Quick Knot from the rear.

Quick Lunge

At the end of 2018, HES-Tec Innovative Equine Products launched a new product that makes lunging a lot easier, namely the Quick Lunge. This advanced and user-friendly lunging system is suitable for professional training from unlearned to trained horses / ponies.

  • Easy and quick adjustment of the neck and head position: by attaching the attachment cords to the single at any desired height;
  • Easy setting of the correct tightening or neck length: just move the metal adjustment piece and secure it to the cord for the desired length / tension;
  • Different sizes: horse & pony;
  • Two variants: fixed and elastic cord

Sales points for HES-Tec products

      About HES-Tec

      HES-Tec Innovative Equine Products develops innovative products for equestrian sports. In August 2017, together with Keldevelopment BV, they launched Quick Knot®. The product to braid horses quickly and professionally.

      Quick Knot was in the same year Horses Product of the Year. The product is now available at many equestrian shops, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

      HES-Tec Innovative Equine Products aims to bring new innovative products to the market. For example, the Quick Lunge was launched in 2018 and the Quick Knot Probox. On this website you will find all products developed by HES-Tec.


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