Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Quick Knot available in different sizes?

No, this is not necessary. The Quick knot is made so that it can be used for many different types of plaits.

2. Can the Quick Knot be used several times?

Yes and no; it is possible but the firmness is out of the clip, a new Quick knot is more sensible and easier to insert.

3. Is the Quick Knot guaranteed for a good knot?

Yes. As with the traditional use of needle and thread, this also requires some practice. With the right way of use the knot is guaranteed to sit well and is a very nice and strong knot.

4. Is the Quick Knot only available through this site?

No, besides this site it is also available at various equestrian shops. Ask for your own equestrian store. Do not they have it yet? Then tell them about the Quick knot

5. Has the Quick Knot been extensively tested?

Yes, it has been extensively tested. There have been tests of large to small stables, from professional riders to the novice rider. This test was done with nearly 1,300 plaits with many different horses in all equestrian disciplines.

6. Is the Quick knot also suitable for younger children?

Yes, of course, only under the supervision of adults. The insertion of the Quick knot on the instruction video was done by a young rider of 11 years.

7. Is the Quick knot in colors other than black, brown and grey?

These 3 colors are the basis. Special colors are possible in consultation. For more information, please contact us.

8. Is the Quick knot available for private label for companies?

Yes, in consultation with HES-Tec bv. For more information, please contact us.

9. Where does the name Hes-tec come from?

The H of Hes-Tec comes from Frank van Helvert and the S comes from Erwin Samuels. The 2 persons behind HES-Tec.

10. Where does the name Quick knot come from?

The name was created by the groom of Anky van Grunsven. Our Quick knot has also been positively received there!

Do you have other questions, suggestions and / or comments? Let us know!