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Quick Knot® Deluxe

With an appropriate degree of pride, the Hes-tec team launches the Quick Knot Deluxe®. We do so in collaboration with I.P.S Horse Group and a select group of experienced, international European designers, patent lawyers and technical experts.

Why launch this even more advanced design?
Thanks to its unique design, three-armed top with knobs and recesses, these benefits shine even more:

  • very good grip/fixation of the knot
  • future-proof multifunctional/exclusive applications
  • can be used multiple times if used correctly
  • no wedged hairs when removing

On top of that it has the well-known advantages:

  • easy to use by everyone
  • save time with a professional result

The Quick Knot Deluxe® is available in:

  • 2 sizes: standard and XL
  • 3 colours: black, brown and white

Quick Lunge®

At the end of 2018, HES-Tec Innovative Equine Products launched a new product that makes lunging a lot easier, namely the Quick Lunge. This advanced and user-friendly lunging system is suitable for professional training from unskilled as well as trained horses / ponies.

  • Easy and quick adjustment of the neck and head position: by attaching the attachment cords to the girth/ on the lunge roller at any desired height.
  • Easy adjustment of the correct neck length/tightness: just move the metal adjustment piece and fasten it to the cord for the desired length / tension.

Available in

  • • Two sizes: horse & pony;
  • • Two variants: cord and elastic cord.

User experiences

A beautifully groomed horse is important to us! Making beautiful buns takes a relatively large amount of time and effort.
But with the help of the Quick Knot Deluxe pins / clips everyone at our stable can make beautiful buns very quickly and easily! ”

Stal Van Hoof
Sprang Capelle