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Quick Knot® Deluxe

With an appropriate degree of pride, the Hes-tec team launches the Quick Knot Deluxe®. We do so in collaboration with I.P.S Horse Group and a select group of experienced, international European designers, patent lawyers and technical experts.

Why launch this even more advanced design?
Thanks to its unique design, three-armed top with knobs and recesses, these benefits shine even more:

  • very good grip/fixation of the knot
  • future-proof multifunctional/exclusive applications
  • can be used multiple times if used correctly
  • no wedged hairs when removing

On top of that it has the well-known advantages:

  • easy to use by everyone
  • save time with a professional result

The Quick Knot Deluxe® is available in:

  • 2 sizes: standard and XL
  • 3 colours: black, brown and white

Quick Knot®

HES-Tec Innovative Equine Products launches together with Keldevelopment BV with a well thought-out and PATENTED auxiliary clip: Quick Knot ®. This clip has many advantages for people and horses:

  • Time saving: the knotting has never been so fast and easy
  • Suitable for young and old, both experienced and inexperienced people
  • Professional result
  • Suitable for all disciplines of the equestrian sport
  • Benefit on staff costs for commercial stables

Quick Knot was WINNER of the Horses Product of the Year AWARD in 2017!! Our product was praised for its high innovative character, its simplicity and purpose. This was therefore picked up in large numbers, given the sales in 26 countries worldwide. It is available through the better equestrian stores.

Quick Knot Probox®

The Quick Knot Probox ® is a complete must-have box for every professional stable or organization. Ideal to speed up the time-consuming task of plaiting/braiding and knotting.

Whether it concerns competitions, inspections, presentations or auctions; with the well-stocked Probox ® you have everything at hand. The Probox contains 1,000 Quick Knot ® mane clips in the colors black, brown and white (in M and XL version), a mane comb and rubber bands in matching colors.

Quick Lunge®

At the end of 2018, HES-Tec Innovative Equine Products launched a new product that makes lunging a lot easier, namely the Quick Lunge. This advanced and user-friendly lunging system is suitable for professional training from unskilled as well as trained horses / ponies.

  • Easy and quick adjustment of the neck and head position: by attaching the attachment cords to the girth/ on the lunge roller at any desired height.
  • Easy adjustment of the correct neck length/tightness: just move the metal adjustment piece and fasten it to the cord for the desired length / tension.

Available in

  • • Two sizes: horse & pony;
  • • Two variants: cord and elastic cord.

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About HES-tec

HES-Tec Innovative Equine Products develops innovative products for the equestrian sport. In August 2017 they launched Quick Knot® together with Keldevelopment BV. The product for braiding horses quickly and professionally.

Quick Knot ® became WINNER of the Horses Product of the Year 2017 in the same year. Our product was praised for its high innovative character, its simplicity and, of course, the ability to achieve the final goal easier and faster. The product is now available at many equestrian stores, both in the Netherlands and the rest of the World.

HES-Tec Innovative Equine Products aims to bring new innovative products to the market. In 2018 the Quick Knot Probox ® was launched especially for large-scale users, professional stables and institutes.

In addition, HES-tec Innovative Equine Products developed the advanced lunging system, the Quick Lunge ®, at the end of 2018 and launched it at the beginning of 2019. On this website you will find all products developed by HES-Tec.


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