QUICK KNOT JEWEL® (12 pieces)

QUICK KNOT JEWEL® (12 pieces)

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The Quick Knot Jewel® is fitted with real Swarovski stones and is exclusively available from us in this segment. 

In combination with Quick Knot Deluxe you'll not only make a good, fast and beautiful knot in a few seconds but you'll also shine through the sparkles of Quick Knot Jewel®.

The Quick Knot Jewel® is:

  • Exclusive and unique in this segment available through us
  • In addition to beautiful and sturdy buns, now with an extra stylish look
  • Universal use on all Quick Knot® Deluxe pins
  • Reusable through the ingenious turn/click system
  • A new dazzling finishing touch

The click/turn system is so designed, tested and reliable that we have used it to attach the Jewel to the Quick Knot Deluxe. It can be used over and over again. With all the benefits we've come to expect, including speed, simplicity and ease of use.

Quick knot Jewel adds an extra dimension to your horse's or pony's knots by giving them an extra embellished look.
Together we make the equestrian sport even more beautiful!

The Quick Knot Jewel® specifications:

  • 12 authentic Skarovki Medley stones
  • Size is Ø 22mm
  • Including 12 pins Quick Knot Deluxe®

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