A Crystal for every Horse - Quick Knot® Jewel

We are proud to announce that we recently launched our latest product Quick Knot® Jewel!

We – HES-TEC, Innovative Equine Products, have been approved to use the original Crystals from Swarovski including a license to use the official brand name Swarovski. This puts us on a unique list together with three other Dutch equestrian companies that are authorized representative of the brand (Judi Manch, Custom Saddles and Lamantia). 

Quick Knot® Jewel is not only special, because it uses the brand ingredients and Crystals from Swarovski but is also the only jewel in the world that is specialized for the horse braids.

Isn’t that crazy?!

What is Quick Knot® Jewel?

Quick Knot® Jewel are Swarovski Crystal that fit on the Quick Knot® Deluxe with a click/turn system. Therefore, they can be used to put in the braids of a horse/pony. In combination with Quick Knot® Deluxe you'll not only make a good, fast, and beautiful knot in a few seconds, but you'll also shine through the sparkles of Quick Knot Jewel®.

A Quick Knot® Jewel box contains:

  • 12x Skarovki Medley (Swarovski Crystals)
  • Size per crystal: Ø 22mm
  • Includes 12 pieces of Quick Knot® Deluxe
Quick Knot® Jewel box open

Nowadays almost all equestrian products are about glamour and glitter, and therefore we should certainly not forget our horses and ponies. They are our pride and biggest friend, that deserve to look as amazing as the rider itself.

Why crystal elements from Quick Knot Jewel?

Do you want to turn your horse/pony into a real eye-catcher? Then use the Quick Knot® Jewel and let them shine!

Quick Knot® Jewel box GIF

The Quick Knot® Jewel is fitted with real Swarovski Crystals and is exclusively available from us in this segment. The click/turn system is so designed, tested and reliable that we have used it to attach the Jewel to the Quick Knot® Deluxe. It can be used repeatedly. With all the benefits we've come to expect, including speed, simplicity, and ease of use. Quick knot® Jewel adds an extra dimension to your horse's knots by giving them an extra embellished look.    

  • The unique product is exclusively available in the segment through HES-TEC
  • On top of beautiful and solid braids, now your horse has an extra stylish look
  • Universal use on all Quick Knot® Deluxe pins (all colors)
  • Reusable thanks to the turn/click system
  • Embellished looks

Together we make the equestrian sport even more beautiful.