Frequently Asked questions (FAQ)

With Quick Knot® Deluxe, you can easily create perfect knots for your pony or horse. Create a braid, roll it up, insert the pin, bend the end, and voila!

The Quick Knot is a very unique product that greatly simplifies the process of creating hair knots. It's a metal clip that can be inserted through the knot, and then it's folded over, which secures the knot in place, eliminating the need for needles and thread. An elastic band is only necessary for the front braid.

Here is how to use the Quick Knot® Deluxe:

  • Create braids with the desired thickness and secure them with an elastic band.
  • Roll the braid up until it forms a tight knot.
  • Insert the Quick Knot® through the knot from top to bottom.
  • Ensure that the pin of the clip is in the center of the knot.
  • Fold the pin of the clip over the knot.
  • To remove the Quick Knot®, unfold the pin.
  • Pull the Quick Knot® out of the knot from the top.

Yes, with the new patented design, the pins stay in the hair even more securely, making Quick Knot now safer than ever and reusable multiple times!

The Quick Knot® Deluxe standard size is suitable for normal manes. For extra thick manes, we recommend the Quick Knot® Deluxe XL.

The Quick Knot® Deluxe is available in three different colors: black, brown, and white.

With Quick Knot® Deluxe, you can braid horses the day before the competition because they will stay in all night.

Yes, Quick Knot® Deluxe is suitable for various hair types.

No, to remove the Quick Knot® Deluxe hairpins, simply bend the base of the pin and pull out the straightened pin, releasing the secured head. This innovative design ensures there are no leftover hairs, and the hair is not damaged.

You need one Quick Knot® Deluxe pin per braid. The number of braids depends on how many you want to make in the mane, typically 9, 11, or 13 braids per mane.

Yes, Quick Knot® Deluxe is suitable for beginners due to its simplicity. Children should use it under adult supervision. An instructional video for using Quick Knot® Deluxe was created by an 11-year-old rider.

Yes, Quick Knot® Deluxe has been extensively tested across all equestrian disciplines on thousands of braids by both experts and individuals. On November 12, 2022, Quick Knot® reached 25 million pins sold worldwide.

Quick Knot® Deluxe is easy to remove. Simply bend the base of the pin back and pull out the straightened pin, releasing the secured head.

Yes, Quick Knot® Deluxe is so well thought out and tested that a 100% guarantee is provided for the product. Like traditional needle and thread use, it also requires some practice. With the right method of use, the knot is guaranteed to stay in place.

Quick Knot® Deluxe can be purchased at or from one of the 100 distributors across over 30 countries.

Yes, Quick Knot® Deluxe is available in bundles on If you want to purchase products for resale, send a message to for B2B prices.

Yes, Quick Knot® Deluxe has an instructional video that can be seen here, and there are also multiple videos available on the YouTube channel Quick Knot Official YouTube.

Quick Knot® Deluxe features an innovative design that simplifies and speeds up the braiding process, embracing technological advances to improve efficiency while preserving the art of horse care. Quick Knot® Deluxe offers a modern alternative to the traditional method of mane braiding.

Yes, Quick Knot® Deluxe can also be used on wet hair.

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