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What started as an innovative idea to simplify and speed up braid knotting has grown into a global business.

Quick Knot Deluxe
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User experiences


Quick Knot Deluxe is truly a revolutionary product. The ease and speed of creating beautiful buns after braiding in the horse's mane is very good. In addition, taking these pins out saves a lot of time AND mane hair! Love it!

Anne-Mette Lyager Hansen
U25 dressage rider

Love the Quick Knots so so much! My horse rolled right before I had to get on for my dressage test and because I used the Quick Knots, I was able to put the plaits back within a minute! They are so so good!

Grace Campbel
Junior Event Rider

We think a nicely trimmed horse is important! Making beautiful buns takes a relatively large amount of time and effort. But with the help of the Quick Knot Deluxe pins/clips, anyone at our stable can make beautiful buns very quickly and easily!

Stal Van Hoof
Stable in Biezenmortel

Since April 2021, I have been using the Quick Knot Deluxe and the Quick Knot Deluxe XL for my ponies. I am very enthusiastic about it and can't live without it anymore. Mommy doesn't have to make knots for the ponies anymore. It is very easy and quick to do in this way. Now I can make beautiful and strong knots myself, just 10 years old.

Jaclynn Otten
Teenage influencer

These very well designed clips help me when I need to braid quickly or when I have to do a number of horses in the same day, they save so much time and look great. I would never say I am good at braiding, but I have had several compliments on how good they looked. I was amazed at the simplicity and effectiveness of this product. Highly recommend it!

A. Guy
UK dressage rider

We used them during the South German Team Championships, from 23 to 26 2021, and with our team participating with 8 big horses and 12 ponies, we achieved a very nice result in such a short time! Perfect knots that last all days! Great product for our sport.

Margin Becker
Fahrsport Rheinland Pfalz