Are you allowed to use Quick Knot® Deluxe?!

Are you wondering whether Quick Knot is allowed for use in equestrian events? Let's delve into the rules and regulations set by the FEI (Fédération Equestre Internationale) to clarify any doubts.

According to Article 434 Saddlery - Equipment 6.1 of the FEI rules, it stipulates that false tails should not contain any metal parts, except for hooks and eyelets, nor should they have any extra added weight. This regulation ensures the safety and welfare of the horses during competitions.

Read here the full FEI DRESSAGE rules: FEI_Dressage_Rules_2023

Now, let's address the burning question: Is Quick Knot permitted under these regulations? The answer is a resounding YES! Quick Knot is entirely compliant with FEI rules, making it a safe and approved option for equestrian braiding.



Quick Knot's innovative design falls under the exception for hooks and eyelets, ensuring that it aligns perfectly with FEI regulations. This means you can braid your horse's mane confidently, knowing that you're not only adhering to the rules but also providing a safe and comfortable grooming experience for your equine companion.

With Quick Knot, you can achieve professional-looking braids quickly and effortlessly, without compromising on safety or style. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional braiding methods and embrace the convenience and peace of mind that Quick Knot offers.

In conclusion, Quick Knot is not only allowed but also highly recommended for equestrian enthusiasts looking for a reliable braiding solution that meets FEI standards. So go ahead, braid away with confidence, and let Quick Knot elevate your grooming game to new heights!