HES-Tec introduces the Quick Knot® Deluxe!

It is with some pride that HES-Tec team launches the Quick Knot® Deluxe. We do this in collaboration with I.P.S. Horse Group and a selected group of experienced international European designers, shapers, patent lawyers and technical professionals.

What is Quick Knot® Deluxe?

Unlike the old Quick Knot® as you once knew it, the new Quick Knot® Deluxe has three arms for an even better hold in the mane and is also made of sturdier material so the Quick Knot® Deluxe can be used more often.

The Quick Knot® Deluxe is a patented and very unique product that makes making knots even easier. The Quick Knot® is a metal mane clip that can be inserted into the knot and then folded over. This allows you to quickly and easily turn a horse's braid into a knot as was previously done with needle and thread or rubber bands. With the Quick Knot®, you'll finish braiding faster and get a prettier result.

Proper horse care is our main focus and therefore it is important that the Quick Knots are very easy to remove from the buns without your horse feeling it or pulling out stuck hairs. It's just a matter of bending them straight and pulling out the clip above the bun. The Quick Knot® saves a lot of time when braiding and removing the knots.

How to use the Quick Knot® Deluxe?

These practical mane clips with a special top for a good grip of the knots are easy to use for a professional result in the following way:

  1. Make the braids with the desired thickness and secure with an elastic
  2. Roll up the braid until it is a nice tight knot
  3. Insert the Quick Knot® from the man's comb through the bun from top to bottom
  4. Make sure the pin of the clip is in the middle of the bun
  5. Fold the pin of the clip around the bun
  6. To remove the Quick Knot®, unfold the pin again
  7. Pull the Quick Knot® out of the bun from above

Why a new more advanced mane clip?

Because of the great success of Quick Knot®, we started looking into developing this must-have tool even further to make professional knots even faster and easier, which can be removed from the mane just as easily. With success we now have the Quick Knot® Deluxe:

  • Very good grip/fixation of the knot
  • Ready for future multifunctional / exclusive applications
  • By proper use and better materials can be used more often
  • No trapped hairs when removing
  • Easy to use without experience
  • Suitable for all age groups
  • Professional result
  • Time-saving 

Where can I buy Quick Knot® Deluxe?

Quick Knot® Deluxe is available for purchase in our webshop. In addition, Quick Knot® Deluxe has been available from more than 125 partners in 30 countries since its launch. The Quick Knot® Deluxe is available at all times from our partners. If you have any questions about which partner is active in your country or region please contact us.

The HES-Tec team works hard every day to establish new partnerships with equestrian retailers worldwide. Partly due to this effort in combination with a large community behind Quick Knot®, we see the demand increase significantly each year.

In what sizes and colors is Quick Knot® Deluxe available?

  • 2 sizes: standard and XL
  • 3 colors: black, brown and white