Making the most beautiful horse knots

How to make the most beautiful horse knots?

Grooming your horse when it comes to beautiful knots can be quite a task.   Horse knots are mainly made in the run-up to a competition. Especially in dressage competitions this is very common, however, it is also becoming more common in other horse disciplines such as jumping and endurance. Finally, you see that the number of horse lovers, who also like to make nice knots, is also increasing.

Everywhere on the internet, social media and during dressage competitions we see the beautiful knots in the manes of the horses. And probably all of us have been guilty at one time or another of trying to figure out how they do it so beautifully. Through looking up a video tutorial, asking people at the barn or ambitiously trying it out ourselves. Despite this, it still turns out to be immensely difficult to make knots that you are proud of. 

In this blog we are going to explain you step by step how you can make these beautiful knots!

Step 1: How do you prepare the mane?

Good preparation is half the battle and that certainly applies when it comes to making beautiful knots. First of all, the mane of your horse/pony deserves the right attention. The goal is to get the mane so that you can easily make a basic braid. Usually, damp manes braid easier than dry manes. You do need to make sure that the mane is clean without using products that make the mane slippery. Braiding manes that are slippery make it more difficult. You will save yourself a lot of time and stress if you make sure that your horse's mane is the right length. If you want to create more length in the neck optically, make sure the length of the mane is about a hand width and make several "smaller" knots. Regular trimming and thinning of the mane is the basis for quickly creating beautiful knots.

Horse mane soft

Step 2: Do you have all the tools on hand?

Before you start the job, it is advisable to have everything on hand. Consider a small mane comb, plenty of rubber bands, Quick Knot® Deluxe, scissors and a damp sponge. The easiest way is to make sure you always keep these attributes in the same place in the same bag or drum. If your horse does not have a soft and straight mane it can also help to use the right hairspray, mouse, gel or mane spray. Make sure that if you use products from the chemist that you do not forget to wash your horse's mane afterwards to prevent it from itching.


Step 3: Are the manes evenly distributed?

Make sure you have the right length of mane and think about what the purpose will be of the knots. The right length of mane will allow you to enhance the look of your horse. It is best when all the knots are about the same thickness. The use of a good mane comb is therefore recommended, as these are just right for beautiful dressage knots. If you want smaller jump knots you can use about half of the comb. After making a sharp and straight parting you can secure the tuft with an elastic and then move to the next part of the mane and so on. When you are done with this you can see at a glance if everything is evenly distributed. Now you can start braiding the mane.

Tip: braid the mane all the way to the end and fold the braided mane at the bottom of the braid over and put an elastic around it. This will prevent loose sprites of mane from sticking out of your knot in the end.


Step 4: Which Quick Knot® Deluxe do I need?

Quick Knot® Deluxe comes in three colors, black, brown and white. This ensures that there is always a color to match your horse. When making such knots, we recommend the standard size Quick Knot® Deluxe. The knot you are going to make must not be thicker than approximately 3 cm in diameter because of the length of the pin of 4.2 cm. Do you want your horse to look like a sturdy stallion? With extra large knots? Then go for a longer and thicker mane and make fewer knots. For this we recommend the XL variant of Quick Knot® Deluxe. The knots must not be thicker than approx. 4.5 cm. The length of the Quick Knot® Deluxe is 6 cm.

Step 5: How do you put up the knot and use the Quick Knot®?

When tying the braids, make sure you have the appropriate Quick Knot® Deluxe handy. Roll the braid into a nice round knot. Lay out the knot the way you like it. Insert the Quick Knot® Deluxe through the knot from behind so that the longest pin sticks out from the front. It is important to insert the Quick Knot® Deluxe straight through the knot. Preferably at one-quarter of the way through the knot from the manekam as shown in the photo below. If you insert the pin lower or miss a layer of coiled mane, the knot will NOT stay in place. Watch carefully how you insert the pin through the coiled braid.

Step 6: How do you bend the metal pin of Quick Knot® Deluxe?

The three side pins of the Quick Knot® Deluxe help secure the knot, along with bending the metal pin that protrudes at the front to the left, right or bottom. Now the knot can't move and stays in the position you want.

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