25 million Quick Knot's sold worldwide!

25 million sales worldwide!

What a tremendously great milestone has been achieved in the past 5 years with an average of 5 million pins sold per year since our launch in 2017. Even though the team knew we had a unique product on our hands, we never expected to achieve this success in a short period of time. We are immensely grateful for this, and would like to take a moment to take you into Quick Knot's exposure!

In which country is Quick Knot used the most?

Quick Knot is currently sold in more than 30 countries. However, we see that the largest sales are made in the Netherlands. This is justified on the one hand because the roots of the company HES-TEC come from the Netherlands and the headquarters are located here. On top of that, the Netherlands is a major player in equestrian sports on the global map. Dutch equestrian sports has about 500,000 riders and 450,000 horses, with a large Dutch role in the most important international equestrian events.

In which country is Quick Knot growing the fastest?

Besides the fact that the Netherlands is the current leader, we see the most growth in the United States, Germany, United Kingdom and Poland. The countries are listed in order of growth in whole numbers, not percentage growth. The percentage growth gives a different order, but pretty much the same countries show up. In the next figure you can find the growth of interest in Quick Knot compared to October, 2021. 

Growth of Interest Quick Knot

Which disciplines use Quick Knot the most?

The most important discipline within the horse industry in the Netherlands is dressage riding, which is also the main target group for Quick Knot. Other disciplines are also tremendously suitable for Quick Knot, and in addition to equestrian sports, it is also widely used by hobbyists.

Which disciplines are growing fastest with Quick Knot?

Preeminently, the growth in whole numbers is in jumpers and the percentage growth is in disabled horseback riding. Sphing horse riders are increasingly finding that Quick Knot stays in place so well during jumping, provided the mane clips are used correctly. Quick Knot is also suitable for braiding smaller buns, also making the use of needle and thread unnecessary within this discipline. Regarding horseback riding for the disabled, Quick Knot also offers enormous advantages. Read here the story of Para-amazon: Manon Claeys. Worldwide, there are several associations that can guide riders with disabilities well and ensure that they can ride horses safely, where Quick Knot is increasingly coming to the fore.

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