The Benefits of Using Horse-Friendly Products

HES-TEC has been focused on horse-friendly products. Quick Knot® Deluxe has been praised as a horse-friendly product because it allows the horse to be braided faster, reducing the amount of time it has to stand still. In addition, there are no residual hairs left behind when untying, which can be the case when untying with needle and thread. 

Using horse-friendly products can provide a range of benefits for both horses and their owners. Here are the top 5 benefits of using horse-friendly products:

Health and Happiness:

Utilizing horse-friendly items can aid in enhancing a horse's health and happiness. For instance, premium equine feed and supplements can offer the vital minerals that horses require for optimum health. Shampoos and conditioners are examples of grooming items that can support healthy skin and fur. Insect stings and skin infections can be avoided by using fly sprays and insect repellents. All of these elements may help horses live longer and happier lives by promoting their health and wellness.

Enhanced Safety and Comfort:

Horse-friendly equipment is made to be both safe and comfortable for horses to use. For instance, utilizing a saddle that fits properly can help to evenly distribute weight and prevent pressure spots that may result in pain or damage. Just like Quick Knot® Deluxe is a hair accessory designed to make it easier and quicker to tie up a horse's mane, it is also gentle on the horse's mane, as it does not require pulling or tugging to achieve a tight braid. Horses can be shielded from the weather and spared wounds and abrasions by wearing top-notch blankets and boots. Skin irritation and other discomforts can be avoided with the use of gentle grooming products. Each of these elements can help a horse feel more secure and comfortable, which can improve performance and make riding more enjoyable for both the horse and the rider.

Improved Performance:

Employing horse-friendly products can help a horse perform better in a variety of activities, including riding, racing, and displaying. For instance, employing top-notch equipment, such as bridles and bits, can aid to strengthen the rider-horse relationship and performance. The Quick Lunge® is one of the products from HES-TEC that is an advanced and user-friendly lunging system suitable for professional training of unskilled or skilled horses/ponies. Equine comfort and relaxation can improve performance, thus it's important to use blankets and boots that fit appropriately. All of these elements can support horses' peak performance, which can result in more favorable results and better enjoyment for both horse and rider.

Advantages for the Environment:

A lot of horse-friendly goods are composed of natural and sustainable materials, which can have a good effect on the environment. Using natural grooming products, for instance, can cut down on the amount of chemicals discharged into the environment. Using environmentally friendly materials in the production of horse equipment, such as bamboo or recycled plastics, helps lessen waste and the negative effects of horse ownership on the environment. Horse owners can minimize their environmental impact by selecting ecologically friendly goods for their animals.

Peace of mind:

Employing horse-friendly products can provide horse owners peace of mind since they know they are doing everything in their power to give their horses the finest care possible. Horse owners can feel good about what they are doing for their animals by selecting products that are kind and secure. Horse owners may experience a greater sense of contentment and satisfaction as a result, knowing that they are giving their animals the best care possible. In the end, this may result in a closer relationship between the horse and owner and a more satisfying experience for both.