The Dutch Masters - Indoor Brabant

The finest annual event in the Netherlands was once again a great success last weekend. And how nice it is to see that a few years ago nobody knew Quick Knot, and now 50% of the people passing by have already seen us all the way to the people using the product regularly for years. Once again we thank everyone for their support!

Quick Knot at the 'The Dutch Masters'

The city of's-Hertogenbosch, in the southern Netherlands, hosts the annual Dutch Masters, an international equestrian competition. This famous competition, which draws the best horses and riders from all over the world, is one of the most significant in the equestrian world. We had our own exhibition booth here all weekend.

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The Brabanthallen, a sizable indoor stadium that offers a distinctive ambiance for both riders and spectators, hosts the event. The Dutch Masters include a variety of competitions in driving, show jumping, and dressage.

The Grand Prix Dressage, a competition that is a part of the World Cup Dressage circuit, is one of the event's highlights. The world's top dressage riders compete in this competition, putting up complicated routines that demonstrate both the horse's and rider's extraordinary athleticism.

Not only did the Quick Knot® Deluxe get tremendous attention from all the passersby ... but the Quick Knot® Jewel was also in the spotlight this year! 

Quick Knot® Jewel during the shows! 

During The Dutch Masters there was a beautiful show by Britt Dekker together with her handsome horse Johnny, accompanied by a singing Emma Kok. The Friesian horse, powerful and extremely beautiful wore the entire time the Jewels! See here the video: click here. Here is another close up picture:

Quick Knot Jewel close up

The Dutch Masters also includes some of the greatest show jumping competitions in the world in addition to dressage. The Rolex Grand Prix, one of the most renowned and profitable show jumping championships in the world, is the focus of these events. Riders must traverse a series of obstacles with accuracy and quickness during the Grand Prix, which is a true test of ability and precision. 

A dramatic driving sport using horses pulling a carriage driven by a human is also featured at the Dutch Masters. This event, which always draws large crowds, demonstrates the expertise and cooperation needed to guide a carriage over a series of challenges.

We look forward to see you again soon! 

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