The KWPN is going to collaborate with the makers of Quick Knot®


Who is the KWPN | Royal Dutch Sport Horse?

The KWPN (Royal Warmblood Horse Studbook of the Netherlands) is the Dutch breeding organization for show jumping and dressage horses, harness horses and Gelderlander horses. With approximately 20,000 members and about 11,000 foals a year, the KWPN is one of the largest sport horse studbooks in the world. Performance, durability and the appealing conformation are the main factors on which the international success of the Dutch horse is based (source: 

Quick Knot Deluxe at Performance Tests

The ability tests for KWPN mares are intended to provide insight into a horse's natural talent for the sport. By participating in a performance test, the breeder gains more information about the qualities of his mare. A jury evaluates the mare's movements and talent for the sport.

An aptitude test is especially important for horses that do not compete in the sport. Of the horses that do participate in the sport, sports results are available that give a good indication of how successful a horse is. These data are therefore carefully registered and analyzed (source:

Because of the many presentations, auctions and inspections that the KWPN organizes each year, the major advantages of the Quick Knot® Deluxe, such as the convenience and the time savings, are extremely valuable. Because of the added value of the advanced mane clip, the KWPN has chosen to actively use the horse winning product of the year 2017.

A different goal, with the same vision

The KWPN is an organization devoted to innovation as a means of achieving better work and more efficient results. This also applies to the original inventors and exclusive manufacturers of the Quick Knot®.

During a foal inspection in which HES-Tec participated in 2021, this passion was shared with an employee of the KWPN. After the inspection on the terrace a conversation continued with the director who was eager to learn more about what Quick Knot® is. After explaining the full story, a collaboration started that may continue for a long time.