Diamond Bundle (Quick Knot® Deluxe & Jewel)
Diamond Bundle (Quick Knot® Deluxe & Jewel)
Diamond Bundle (Quick Knot® Deluxe & Jewel)
Diamond Bundle (Quick Knot® Deluxe & Jewel)
Diamond Bundle (Quick Knot® Deluxe & Jewel)
Diamond Bundle (Quick Knot® Deluxe & Jewel)
Diamond Bundle (Quick Knot® Deluxe & Jewel)

Diamond Bundle (Quick Knot® Deluxe & Jewel)

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Bundle Special

    Quick Knot® Jewel

    The Quick Knot® Jewel is fitted with real Swarovski Crystals and is exclusively available from us in this segment. 

    In combination with Quick Knot Deluxe you'll not only make a good, fast and beautiful knot in a few seconds but you'll also shine through the sparkles of Quick Knot® Jewel.

    The Quick Knot® Jewel is:

    • Exclusive and unique in this segment available through us
    • In addition to beautiful and sturdy buns, now with an extra stylish look
    • Universal use on all Quick Knot® Deluxe pins
    • Reusable through the ingenious turn/click system
    • A new dazzling finishing touch

    The click/turn system is so designed, tested and reliable that we have used it to attach the Jewel to the Quick Knot® Deluxe. It can be used over and over again. With all the benefits we've come to expect, including speed, simplicity and ease of use.

    Quick knot® Jewel adds an extra dimension to your horse's or pony's knots by giving them an extra embellished look.
    Together we make the equestrian sport even more beautiful!

    The Quick Knot® Jewel specifications:

    • 12 authentic Swarovski Medley Crystals
    • Size is Ø 22mm
    • Including 12 pins Quick Knot Deluxe®

    Quick Knot® Deluxe

    With the Quick Knot® Deluxe you can have perfect knots on your pony or horse in no time. You make a braid, roll it up, put the pin through, bend the end and voila!

    The Quick Knot® Deluxe standard is suitable for normal manes. For extra thick manes, we recommend the Quick Knot® Deluxe XL.

    The handy mane clips have a special top for a good grip of the knots and are easy to use with a professional result. Because of the 3 arms, the pins stay even better in the mane. In addition, the Quick Knot Deluxe is made of plastic and metal so it can be used more often.

    The Quick Knots are also very easy to take out of the knots, it is just a matter of bending them straight and pulling out the clip above the knot. The Quick Knot® saves a lot of time when braiding as well as when taking out the knots.

    The Quick Knot® Deluxe works as follows:

    • Make the braids with the desired thickness and secure with an elastic
    • Roll up the braid until it is a nice tight knot
    • Stick the Quick Knot® through the knot from top to bottom
    • Make sure the pin of the clip is in the middle of the knot 
    • Fold the pin of the clip around the bun
    • To remove the Quick Knot®, unfold the pin again
    • Pull the Quick Knot® out of the knot from above

    In August 2017, the first Quick Knot® was introduced to the market, this product has subsequently become a hit as it helps with professional horse braiding which can be done in no time! In 2020, the Quick Knot® Deluxe was launched that works even better for a professional result and it is suitable for all equestrian sports. The Quick Knot was winner of the Horse Product of the year 2017 and is now sold in more than 30 countries.


    • Unique mane clips with special top
    • Very good grip of the knot
    • Reusable, when used properly
    • No trapped hairs when removing the knot
    • Easily and fast, a professional result
    • Suitable for future applications
    • For young and old, experienced and inexperienced


    • Size: Standard
    • Length: 4 centimeter
    • Contents: 35 pieces
    • Colors: Choose from Black, Brown or White
    • Material: Plastic and metal
    • Packaging: resealable 

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